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Studio 10 with Amber Austin-Wright


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

Subjects: Coronavirus and Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package, National Cabinet

Amber Austin-Wright: Well, Tash, as you mentioned, the National Cabinet will meet this morning. The PM will host another round of crisis talks with that National Cabinet, and rental and commercial tenancies is on the agenda. But, the Government will also be looking at the framework for those child care changes we saw yesterday. I’m joined by the Education Minister Dan Tehan. Dan, what will be discussed at this morning’s National Cabinet meeting?

Dan Tehan: So, obviously, what we’ll be discussing is the announcement we made yesterday around free child care, which will start as of next week. But, also, the regulatory environment with states and territories. They obviously govern those regulatory requirements for state and territory child care centres. So, we’re looking at those. And, also, making sure we’re keeping to get that continued updating of advice from the medical expert panel around what requirements we need to put in place when it comes to keeping child care centres safe, and school environments safe. So, it will be a big agenda for the National Cabinet today.

Austin-Wright: And, I guess many people are asking, how will these child care changes work?

Tehan: So, how they’ll work is there will be a priority given to those who are working. So, we want them to be able to get their children cared for in the normal environment, at their normal child care centre. Also, for vulnerable children, we want them to get that continuity of care. And, also, for those who were engaged with the sector, we want them to reengage. So, they’re the three priority areas that we want to see for this new free child care, which will start as of next week.

Austin-Wright: Lots to go through [audio error] …

Cassandra Thorburn: We have some audio problems there. We’ll cross back to Amber a little later this morning, there with the Education Minister.