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Queensland signs National School Reform Agreement


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

The Morrison Government has guaranteed record funding and better outcomes for all Queensland school students by signing the National School Reform Agreement today with the Queensland Government.

The Morrison Government is delivering a record $66 billion in funding to all Queensland schools from 2018 to 2029 as well as reforms to the education system, paid for by our plan for a stronger economy.

Minister for Education Dan Tehan said the bilateral agreement set out the concrete actions Queensland would take to improve student outcomes and support teachers.

"Our Government is delivering real, needs-based funding which means a record investment in state schools, Catholic schools and Independent schools," Mr Tehan said.

"The Morrison Government will now work with our Queensland counterparts to ensure our record funding will improve student results and deliver better education outcomes.

"Today’s agreement confirms that school reform must focus on driving individual student achievement and equipping teachers with the right tools and support, no matter what school they attend.

"The Morrison Government can afford to pay for these essential education services that all Australians rely on because our economy continues to enjoy strong economic growth, with more than 1.1 million jobs created."

The Victorian Government is the only state not to sign up to the record funding agreement.

"Every other state and territory has accepted our record school funding and committed to implementing reforms that will improve student outcomes.

"We want to make sure that our record funding flows to all schools in Victoria.

"Every Victorian student deserves our record funding."

The agreement can be found at