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Protecting Australian students


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

More Australian students will be compensated if their private higher education provider stops teaching thanks to Morrison Government reforms passed by the Senate today. 
The Government today passed legislation which will expand the Tuition Protection Service to cover domestic higher education students who pay for their studies up-front. 
Minister for Education Dan Tehan said the reforms would provide certainty for students they would be protected. 
“We want more Australians to get the opportunity to benefit from a higher education,”  Mr Tehan said. 
“In this year’s Budget we provided $500 million for 12,000 extra university places and 50,000 short course places, so from next year, when our Job-ready Graduates reforms take effect, there will be up to 30,000 more Australians accessing higher education. 
“Expanding the Tuition Protection Service to include domestic students in the higher education sector who pay their tuition fees up-front and who do not or are not able to access a HELP loan will provide them with certainty and confidence to pursue their education. 
“Private higher education providers will no longer have to source their own tuition protection policies for students who pay up-front, which can often be costly and burdensome. 
“The Morrison Government is committed to ensuring Australian higher education students are treated equitably when it comes to tuition protection.” 
The arrangements will commence on 1 January 2021.