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Leading the way in Antarctic science


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

The Morrison Government is funding world-leading research to secure the future of Antarctica and the wildlife that it supports.

Minister for Education Dan Tehan today announced $56 million for a new Australian Research Council (ARC) Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science.

Monash University will receive $36 million over seven years to deliver unprecedented research capability working with 29 research partners and collaborating universities.

The University of Tasmania will receive $20 million over three years to conduct world-leading research into changes that are happening in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean and the impact they are having on the global climate system. This research will be conducted in collaboration with 41 research partners and universities.

“Antarctica is the coldest, most remote continent on earth, but the scientific research that takes place there is of global significance,” Mr Tehan said.

“Antarctica can tell us more about the development of biodiversity, global weather patterns and climate change.

“The research funded by the Morrison Government will support some of Australia’s best researchers and scientists to conduct world-leading research to transform environmental forecasting, optimise decision-making and support biodiversity in Antarctica. Our Government is proud to support Australia’s world-class research program in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

“The research team will bring together a diverse field of expertise with collaborating partners to address Antarctica’s challenges. This research project will demonstrate Australia’s leadership in Antarctic Science and strengthen our relationships with Antarctic Treaty nations.

“This project will support Australia’s priorities in the Australian Antarctic Strategy and the 20 Year Action Plan, as detailed through the Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan.”