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Government welcomes school mobile phone ban


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

Minister for Education Dan Tehan has endorsed the South Australian Government’s ban on mobile phones in primary schools saying it will lead to more focussed and engaged students. 
“Data shows a correlation between the uptake of mobile phones by young people and a downturn in student performance,” Mr Tehan said. 
“There is also growing evidence that mobile phones and social media use has led to an increase in anxiety and depression in young people, particularly young women. 
“We need to encourage our students to focus on learning by removing the distraction of mobile phones in the classroom. 
“In schools where mobile phones have been banned, we have seen more engaged students and even a return to kids playing at lunchtime. 
“Our Government has taken the lead on encouraging states and territories to ban student’s using mobile phones while at school. 
“The South Australian Government has demonstrated strong leadership with its announcement today that it will restrict state primary school students from accessing their mobile phones during school hours from next year. 
“South Australia joins the New South Wales, Victorian, Western Australian and Tasmanian Government’s who have all announced restrictions on the use of mobile phones in state primary and secondary schools in 2020. 
“Our Government encourages the remaining states and territories to follow suit, and we will work with any jurisdiction to limit the use of mobile phones in schools.”