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Encouraging a love of music in students


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

Students will have more opportunities to develop their passion for music with the Morrison Government guaranteeing funding for a unique music program.

The Morrison Government will provide an additional $450,000 to support Australia’s largest school-based music initiative, Music Count Us In next year.

The Music: Count Us In program is helping 700,000 students from 3360 schools throughout Australia participate in music education by providing resources for teachers.

"Music enriches our lives, and helps bring people and communities together," Mr Tehan said.

"Being involved in music – like learning to play an instrument or joining a choir – will give you skills and friendships that will stay with you for life.

"Music is also a great way for school children to learn. It encourages students to have a go and engage in musical activities, it is something that can be enjoyed as an individuals and in groups, and it can also help students achieve better academic outcomes in other fields.

"Music: Count Us In provides more than 10,000 primary school teachers with the resources and training they need to teach music confidently.

"The program also provides professional support for music classes, which is particularly important for schools in socio-economic disadvantaged areas.

"Music can be a powerful and transformative teaching tool and the Morrison Government can fund programs like Music: Count Us In because we are keeping the economy strong."

Music: Count Us In is delivered by Music Australia.

Music Australia chief executive officer Rhonda Davidson Irwin said: "The funding of Music: Count Us In 2019 will help musically transform lives of children socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Music Australia acknowledges the important contribution these funds will make to Music Education throughout the country in 2019 and beyond."