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$90.5 million to support 100 researchers


The Hon Dan Tehan MP
Minister for Education

The Morrison Government is providing $90.5 million to fund 100 mid-career researchers to undertake high-quality research.

Minister for Education Dan Tehan today announced the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowships for 2020.

The researchers will receive funding to undertake work in areas such, as developing effective tools for managing water resources under severe stress from drought and water demand, and providing new technological solutions for renewable energy storage.

“Already this year, the Morrison Government has invested $9.6 billion in research and the Australian Research Council has provided $254 million to fund 240 research projects,” Mr Tehan said.

“Our Government is strategically investing in research in the national interest, with a focus on turning ideas into jobs, productivity gains and economic growth.

“This research will lead to commercial, economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits for the nation and the world.

“I congratulate the 100 Future Fellows, who have been recognised for their innovative, internationally-competitive research.”

Some of the 2020 Future Fellows and their projects include:


• Associate Professor Nicola Henry at RMIT University will investigate the efficacy of digital tools and interventions to detect, prevent and respond to image-based abuse. This will increase understanding of the responsibility of digital platforms and the drivers of image-based abuse and improve platform and service responses, reducing harm.

Australian Capital Territory

• Dr Steven Lade from The Australian National University will investigate how water and other natural resources can be managed under severe stress, such as drought, by generating new model-based tools for resilient decision-making. The project will develop tools to help ensure the sustainability of increasingly highly stressed natural resources in Australia and worldwide.

South Australia

• Dr Yao Zheng at The University of Adelaide will explore the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals using sources such as water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides as feedstocks. The project will be of great significance for renewable energy use and clean fuel generation.

Western Australia

• Associate Professor Stephen Moggach from The University of Western Australia will work to enhance porous materials used as carbon capture devices, as well as for trapping and releasing other useful gases. This project will lead to better porous materials being designed and made, with applications in carbon capture, energy materials and medical applications.


• Dr Carissa Klein from The University of Queensland aims to improve the social and environmental sustainability of wild caught seafood globally by exploring innovative ways to improve the traceability and sustainability of seafood, including through international trade policies.

New South Wales

• Associate Professor Sarah Phillips from The University of Sydney will analyse how terrorist groups adapt in the face of counterterrorism measures, and sustain themselves despite their lack of local popularity. The project will generate new approaches to countering violent extremism, and create collaborative research networks between Australia and conflict-affected states.


• Dr Kathryn Allen from the University of Tasmania will explore climate extremes over recent decades, including complex extremes that involve multiple types of impacts, such as simultaneous drought and bushfires. This will lead to improved risk estimates for the impacts of climate extremes.

More information about the ARC’s Future Fellowships scheme, including a full list of the 2020 Future Fellows, will be available on the ARC website.