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Study scores to guide students into teaching careers


The Hon Bill Shorten MP
Minister for Education
Minister for Workplace Relations


Minister for Education Bill Shorten has announced that universities will now be able to ensure the literacy and numeracy capability of prospective teachers is in the top 30 per cent of the country with the publication of equivalent Year 12 study scores.

Australian Education Ministers have agreed to publish Year 12 achievement levels, or ‘study scores’, as part of the national approach to the Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education programs in Australia.

This is one of the first steps towards demonstrating what the new Accreditation standards look like and continue the commitment to improving the quality of teachers graduating from universities and those employed in Australian schools.

One of our goals under the Better Schools Plan is to ensure we have the best teachers teaching in our schools.

By setting a high standard for literacy and numeracy for all student teachers, we will ensure that the best and brightest make their way into our classrooms.

In 2011, Education Ministers agreed that all graduating teachers should be in the top 30 per cent of the population for literacy and numeracy.

The publication of these study scores will tell prospective teachers where they stand and guide them on what areas will need to be improved before graduation.

It’s important to note that these scores will not restrict anyone in becoming a teacher – they simply set the standard that will be required in order to graduate from a teaching degree.

The extra guidance that can be gained from these study scores should provide confidence that Year 12 students have the levels of literacy and numeracy needed to succeed in a university teaching course and throughout their teaching career.

If a student is considering a career as a teacher, they can view the study scores and compare them with their own results.

The scores will be published by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Universities will continue to set their own pre-requisites and ATAR score requirements but, under the reforms, will need to show students are in the top 30 per cent by completion of their degrees.

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