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Press Conference - PCYC in Auburn


The Hon Stuart Robert MP
Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business
Acting Minister for Education and Youth
Dr Fiona Martin MP
Member for Reid


Hello, welcome to Reid. I'm here, I'd like to begin by acknowledging the traditional owners on the land in which we meet and pay my respects to elders past president emerging. 

We're here at the PCYC here in Auburn, a very important part of the electorate, and I'm joined by the CEO of PCYC, New South Wales, Dominic Teakle and also Minister Stuart Robert, Minister for Jobs and Minister for Education and Youth. 

PCYC provides a hub really for young people, providing all the services community groups, programs for youth, life skills, and so many people from my electorate come here. This PCYC reflects the people that belong to this community. It is one of the most culturally diverse seats in the country, which I'm very proud of. And this PCYC provide services to people from all different backgrounds. To hear more about the PCYC and this particular one, I will introduce Dominic to speak.


Thank you. Thank you very much and it's great pleasure to welcome both the minister and the local member here today. It's so important that we have people in power who are reflecting on the needs of youth. 

PCYC is an organisation that's in partnership with the New South Wales Police, it has been so since 1937. We are an organisation that runs Sport and Rec facilities for the community. We reflect the community we serve. But we also have a very, very important role around crime, early intervention, crime prevention programs that actually empower young people and change lives.

So we are really excited about any potential funding that comes to be able to run these types of programs. And it's really, really important that we keep that front and center so it was great today to host the minister and the local member, greatly pleased with that.


Thanks for having me Dom. Thank you to PCYC, and Fiona, thank you for the kind invitation and all the work you do in terms of such child psychology and advocating for Reid and your region. 

Great to be joined, of course by the district inspector here, as well as Scarlett the PCYC Auburn duty manager and all the great work she does and Angus, the Senior Constable, who's one of the two full-time uniformed officers here working with kids within Auburn here at the PCYC. 

The Morrison Government is incredibly proud to partner with organisations like the PCYC. So today we’ve announced as part of our Budget, the $46.8 million Reboot Program. 

As the Education Minister and the Minister for Youth I know how important it is to engage young people in work. Youth unemployment at 9.3 per cent is approaching record lows, but there's still more to do. 

The Morrison Government's Transition to Work program, at $1.4 billion in size, has seen over 150,000 young Australians engaged to prepare them for getting to jobs and connect them with jobs. Our youth jobs programs support young Australians with the opportunity to have a crack to have a trial to get a workplace. 

The one area the Commonwealth Government now wishes to partner with likeminded organisations is through the Reboot Program. Young Australians 15 to 24 who haven't had the best start, you have difficult environments at home, are disengaged, have anxiety or lack resilience, we want to guarantee  a real opportunity to reboot those young Australians. To give them a sense of who they are, a sense of purpose, a sense of pride, sense of discipline, a sense that they belong. It will also allow them to transition into our other youth programs. 

So from next year, we'll have up to 15 organisations we're going to partner with. We’re keen to see their innovative solutions, their innovative approaches. We're not going to compete with them. We're going to empower them and have up to 5000 young people funded through these different programs that these 15 organisations who will come forward. 

We want them to be not for profits, engaged in their community, which is exactly what the PCYC does. And there are a range of great programs out there. BackTrack in Armadale to Youth off the Streets, to YourTown, to YMCA and the like, and having just toured PCYC and speaking to Dominic, about the work they're doing here across over 60 of these centers. It's these sort of programs that are front and center of the Government's mind. 

We will back young Australians through our Reboot Program. We're not going to leave them marginalised. We want to invest in them, build their sense of self and help them get employed.


We’re told assistance is on the way in the Federal Budget but petrol prices are sky high across the country already are one off payments going to be generous, generous enough to deal with those costs?


Again, I'd encourage everyone to wait for the Budget it is not far away. The Treasurer will outline exactly where we're going to go. The best way though, to deal with cost of living is get people a job and with unemployment at 4 per cent participation rate at 66.4 per cent. Over 250,000 jobs available and even underemployment dropping down so low. We're seeing a lot of Australians engaged in the labour market, especially here in New South Wales, where we saw a record 57,000 Australians employed and the great thing about the last job numbers is 141,000 new full time jobs with a drop off of part time jobs. So there are challenges we're seeing underlying inflation in that Reserve Bank’s band for the first time in many, many years. That's why we're leaning very heavily into getting Australians into work.


You mentioned the importance of getting people into work or what assistance be required to people who are on welfare? They're feeling the cost of living more than most people in the country.


And notwithstanding the Treasurer will obviously outline the Budget process, we have just recently increased JobSeeker payment by a substantial amount of money the first real increase in 32 years. That's the level of commitment the Morison Government has got for all Australians whether on working age payments on fixed payments, or indeed in the labour market.


This morning Labor have accused the Government of trying to buy votes before the election with this assistance, is it politically motivated support?


The only political motivation I can see right now, is Mr Albanese who went to the Central Coast an hour from Sydney and gave the media 45 minutes to get to a press conference. 

Come on Mr Albanese if you want to be an alternate leader, you've got to be up front more than that. 

The Government has been very forthright when it comes to economic assistance. We have laid it out in a very transparent manner and we will within the Budget as well.


Are you worried petrol prices will hurt you with the polls if they don't come down in the coming weeks?


Again, look you have underlying inflation at 2.6 per cent compared to what we're seeing around the rest of the world, the US in particular with inflation at a 40 year high. We're seeing the federal government's economic management keeping that inflation currently within the bounds of the RBA’s target. 

Yes, we're seeing a short-term spike in petrol prices, driven by the madness of Russia invading, in an unprovoked unprecedented invasion of Ukraine. That is a short-term spike. We certainly are seeing that. But again, Russian oil is only 1.5 per cent of the total amount that the Commonwealth purchases.


So your short term spike, do you expect it to come down in the coming months?


Petrol prices always move up and down. We are a nation that is a price taker. We don't get a say in how we set it. We buy it on the international market. Petrol prices always respond to international events they always have and they always will.

Great to talk to you. Cheers.