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Doorstop - Tooheys Brewery, Lidcombe


The Hon Stuart Robert MP
Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business



Okay. I’d just like to welcome the Minister and Member for Reid to the Tooheys Brewery in Lidcombe in Western Sydney. A real pleasure to showcase our fine brewery here as well as, I suppose, the great technology that we are currently installing and have a brewery here that creates jobs, work with a lot of local businesses. And yeah, really excited to show both these members around.


Well, it's fabulous to be here. Reid is home to many businesses but of course, the most famous is Tooheys and Tooheys is the home of a lot of employment, a lot of jobs here at Tooheys and manufacturing. And so, I'm so happy to have brought Minister Stuart Robert with us here this morning to talk more about manufacturing and jobs. Over to you, Minister.


Yeah. Thanks, Fi. Look, it's great to be here at an Australian icon, a brand that employs over 2000 staff right across the country, upwards of 200 here at the plant. Now, it's not about State of Origin, although the plant here, of course, we've just come off the XXXX line, seeing 1500 cans a minute, which demonstrates the strength of Australia's advanced manufacturing. 

And the Government is leaning heavily into advanced manufacturing with an advanced manufacturing strategy which is designed to build businesses like this one and drive employment. 

I'm so pleased to hear Marcus talk this morning about their new apprenticeship program, bringing on a range of apprentices starting next month, investing in skills and jobs, and that's what the Morrison Government's budget is all about. It's about services, it's about jobs, it's about building jobs, it’s about building our manufacturing base, all of which this great company here at Lion’s does and all of which this great factory here at Tooheys does. 

Go Maroons!


No go Blues!


Thanks very much.