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Doorstop – Greater Western Sydney Careers Market


The Hon Stuart Robert MP
Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business
The Hon Geoff Lee MP
NSW Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education



Absolutely fantastic to be here today at the Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre, which I helped upgrade as one of my election commitments. And seeing all the kids here today from Western Sydney schools. Over 5300 school kids from 50 schools. Over 140 exhibiters right here in Penrith. All looking for their jobs of the future. So it’s a fantastic way for them to get connected with universities, TAFE, job providers, and getting insights into what they might take up next. So I’m really pleased to be joined by the State Minister for Skills Geoff Lee and my colleague and friend Stuart Robert, the Federal Employment Minister. I’ll hand it over to you now, thank you Minister.


Thanks Melissa. And it’s great to be here at the careers market. Not just with yourself, but of course with Geoff Lee the New South Wales Skills Minister, to look at what skilling Australians looks like. Thousands of young people here. And it’s also a great opportunity just to talk now. The unemployment numbers are down to 5.5 per cent. 33,800 full time jobs created last month. Which brings the number of full time jobs in our economy to 8.88 million, which is a national record. This in the month where JobKeeper has coming off.

Just goes to show that the Morrison Government plan is working. Our jobs comeback is working. And events like today, which are about showcasing the traineeship opportunities, the opportunities in apprenticeships, the opportunity for skilling and for jobs is really moving the dial.

And it’s also wonderful today, of course, to know that of the JobTrainer, which the Government announced last year, we’ve had 115,000 young Australians take that up. Where which the highest number, at over 60,000, is right here in New South Wales, Geoff, which is an outstanding result.


Well, thank you very much Minister. Fantastic to be out here in Penrith. There has never been a better time to get skills absolutely fee free. New South Wales partnered with the Federal Government, 100,000 fee free JobTrainer places. It’s a great news to update everybody. 65,000 people have already taken advantage of that. That’s over- more than 50 per cent of the nation’s fee free skills courses under JobTrainer.

Very excited, very excited to see that 25 per cent of those people are actually young people, 17-25. Very excited to see that 20 per cent of those people are actually unemployed, and 95 per cent of those people have gone on for further study, or getting a job. JobTrainer has been so successful, especially right here at Penrith. Right here in Western Sydney. That’s where people want to find jobs, want to enter the workforce. We’re providing those skills that will give them not just great jobs, but rewarding careers for the rest of their lives. Thank you.


Tremendous. Great result.