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Minister welcomes greater independence in Northern Territory schools


The Hon Christopher Pyne MP
Minister for Education
Leader of the House

The Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Education, has welcomed the Northern Territory’s announcement of six schools becoming Independent Public Schools.

A key 2013 election commitment, the Australian Government’s $70 million Independent Public Schools initiative is designed to increase autonomy and parental engagement in schools across Australia.

On 16 September this year the Australian Government announced $1.61 million towards the Northern Territory’s Independent Public Schools Programme, as part of this national push to increase school independence and empower local communities.

Mr Pyne said that step was an exciting move for the Territory and would deliver power back to local communities, teacher and parents.

“State and Territory Government’s across the nation have joined with the Australian Government under the Independent Public Schools initiative to move hundreds of schools towards greater autonomy in their school systems,” Mr Pyne said.

Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, the ACT and the Northern Territory are all benefitting from the $70 million fund being used to take steps towards more autonomous and independent public schools.

“This is just the beginning with more schools to benefit both in the Northern Territory and across the country,” Mr Pyne said.

“Across Australia over 800 schools will start to see the benefit of increased school autonomy as a result of this ground breaking initiative, with still more to come in the years ahead.”



South Australia






Northern Territory




“States and territories across the country have acknowledged that school autonomy is a key driver for improving education outcomes,” he said.

Mr Pyne said the Independent Public Schools initiative is part of the Australian Government’s Students First approach, helping schools to better meet the needs of students by focussing on four key areas that will make a difference. These are:

  • teacher quality
  • school autonomy
  • parental engagement
  • strengthening the curriculum

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