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Government to reduce red tape in higher education


The Hon Christopher Pyne MP
Minister for Education
Leader of the House

The Government today confirmed its commitment to reduce regulation, reporting and red tape across Australia’s higher education sector.

Minister for Education Christopher Pyne said he was determined to implement recommendations from the Review of Higher Education Regulation.

“I have today directed the Chief Executive Officer of the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) to simplify the paperwork and deregulate,” Mr Pyne said.

“This includes improving how TEQSA consults with universities and more broadly across the sector.

“The findings of the review confirm my opinion that deregulation can happen across the sector without compromising quality standards.

“I know universities have raised concerns about the level of regulatory burden they face.

“We are committed to working with the higher education sector to reduce the burden of red tape, regulation and reporting so that it can innovatively and efficiently deliver high quality education.

“I want to ensure we’re reducing red tape and allowing universities and higher education providers to get on with what they do best—teaching our students and conducting research, not delivering excessive paperwork to regulators.”

Mr Pyne said the direction given to TEQSA means it has to focus on getting registrations and course accreditations done in a more timely way.

Key aspects of the Government’s actions to decrease regulation throughout 2013–14 include:

  • amending the TEQSA Act to reduce burdensome processes
  • establishing a TEQSA advisory council to consult widely with the higher education sector and provide advice to the Minister
  • reducing duplication by amending legislation that impacts on the work of TEQSA and other regulatory agencies
  • ensuring the change starts immediately by making a direction to this effect under the TEQSA Act.

“Reducing red tape is a key priority for this Government,” Mr Pyne said.

“At the same time, it is important to keep quality at the centre of Australian higher education.

“This Government is also committed to ensuring that the wider higher education and university community is consulted on improvements to minimise red tape for the sector.”

Mr Pyne said the Government would respond to the Review of University Reporting Requirements in the near future.

The Review of Higher Education Regulation Report and its recommendations are available on the Department of Education website.