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Redlynch community celebrates opening of new classrooms and library


The Hon Brendan O'Connor MP
Minister for Human Services
Minister Assisting for School Education
Steve Wettenhall MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers

New facilities at Redlynch State College in Redlynch will bring benefits to students and the wider community for years to come, Minister Assisting for School Education Brendan O’Connor said today.

Mr O’Connor, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers Jan McLucas and State Member for Barron River Steve Wettenhall attended the school’s ceremony for the opening of the $3.2 million new classrooms and library, funded by the Gillard Government’s historic Building the Education Revolution (BER) investment.

Mr O’Connor said the $16.2 billion BER investment in Australia’s future was delivering modern facilities to school students at more than 9,500 schools in metropolitan and regional communities across the country.

“The BER is the single biggest investment in Australian schools in our history, and is changing the way our students learn,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Projects like this new library and classrooms, including a science lab and a performing arts area, at Redlynch State College are making a real difference by improving the learning environment for our children and giving teachers and staff a more enjoyable place to work.”

Redlynch State College is the largest school in far north Queensland and the fastest growing in the region.

“Redlynch has a large proportion of students with disabilities, and the school’s philosophy of inclusion matches the Government’s belief that disability shouldn’t take away anyone’s chance for a decent life,” Mr O’Connor said.

Senator McLucas said all Australians deserved support, and the new facilities at Redlynch would help all students to achieve their best.

“The bricks and mortar of these buildings are merely the foundations on which long term educational benefits will be built and continue to flow for years to come,” Senator McLucas said.

Mr Wettenhall congratulated Redlynch State College and the local community for their efforts in delivering this historic investment to their school.

“This time also marks a year since the area was devastated by Cyclone Yasi, so this a fantastic opportunity for the whole Redlynch community to come together and celebrate the new facilities,” Mr Wettenhall said.

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