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New streamlined service in Northern Territory’s Tiwi region to help people get work and strengthen communities


The Hon Julie Collins MP
Minister for Community Services, Indigenous Employment and Economic Development
Minister for the Status of Women

More people in the Northern Territory’s Tiwi region will be helped to get jobs and participate in their communities thanks to the Gillard Government’s new $1.5 billion Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP), which starts on 1 July 2013.

Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development Julie Collins today announced Tiwi Training and Employment Pty Ltd (with Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd as a subcontractor) will deliver RJCP across the region in the Territory’s top end.

“The Gillard Government believes that everyone who can work should work and those who are not working should be participating in meaningful activities that contribute to the strength and sustainability of their community,” Ms Collins said.

“But we recognise that in remote areas, job seekers, many of whom are Indigenous Australians, face extra challenges in finding local jobs. We also know that employers in remote locations often have trouble finding skilled workers.

“Job seekers in the island communities will get tailored services to help them into work.
“The RJCP provider will help ensure local people are ready to take up local jobs. They will support individuals who are not working to participate to their capacity in training or activities that will contribute to their communities as well as making them more work-ready.”

RJCP providers have now been announced for all 23 remote regions in the Northern Territory. The regions cover more than 1.3 million square kilometres, with providers servicing over 12,000 job seekers across the Territory.

Ms Collins said a review of remote employment and participation services in 2011 and subsequent extensive consultations identified what was and wasn’t working in remote communities.

"We are taking four jobs services functions and putting them into one,” Ms Collins said.

“Under RJCP job seekers, including those on CDEP wages, will be able to go to just one provider to get the personalised support they need.

“Employers will find that their local RJCP provider is able to get to know their needs better, and to help link them up with job seekers who have the skills they are looking for.

“RJCP providers will also be working closely with communities in their region to set out priorities and goals for participation, training, employment and long-term development.

“The program will encourage and promote collaborative, community-driven, approaches to employment and participation activities.”

The Gillard Government is committed to minimising disruption for job seekers, communities and employers during the transition period.

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