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Strengthening Australia – Japan Ties


Senator the Hon Jacinta Collins
Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations

Australia is committed to strengthening ties with Japan, and working with the ILO and our regional partners in supporting the Asian Decent Work Decade,  Parliamentary Secretary for Workplace Relations, Senator Jacinta Collins, told the 15th ILO Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) in Kyoto, Japan.

Addressing the plenary session, Senator Collins emphasised the importance of stimulating employment growth and creating decent work opportunities for all.

“Achieving the goals set out in the Asian Decent Work Decade requires deliberate and concerted action,” Senator Collins said.

“A main priority area for both national governments and the ILO is to ensure that macroeconomic frameworks support and are fully integrated with labour and employment policies.”

Speaking at the Thematic Panel on Rights at Work and Social Dialogue, Senator Collins highlighted Australia’s commitment to its partnership with the ILO.

“Our partnership is delivering results and making a real difference to workers and their communities,” Senator Collins said.

“Australia looks forward to continuing its partnership with the ILO and to promoting and implementing labour standards, through strong social dialogue at the local, national and regional levels.”

Senator Collins will also visit Tokyo, to reaffirm the strength of Australia and Japan’s bilateral education relationship, and the close collaboration in education stemming from the Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Program for Japan.

“I am pleased to follow in the footsteps of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and to demonstrate our support for Japan by collaborating in education,” Senator Collins said.

“The support offered by the Prime Minister is already boosting exchange and collaboration between Australian and Japanese institutions in a wide range of areas, such as medical research, nuclear science and chemical engineering.”

“The strong interest from students and researchers in the Prime Minister’s program highlights the value of the relationship and the benefits of collaboration.”