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In praise of young pregnant women and mothers


Senator the Hon Jacinta Collins
Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations

Young mothers continuing their schooling while raising their children are champions and society needs to rethink how its treats them, Senator Collins said today.

The Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations also praised the handful of schools across the country that run programs for young parents as “community, education and workplace champions.”

Senator Collins was speaking at the launch of the Australian Young Parent and Parenting Network (AYPPN) at Canberra College. The school has 100 young mums and dads on campus, and an average of four babies born each month. There is a childcare centre and nurses clinic, and three school buses collect mums and bubs from their homes each morning.

“These young mothers are champions,” Senator Collins said.

“They have the toughest job of all, raising children, but it is even harder for them because society punishes them, whether it be through scornful looks, abusive remarks or simply shutting them out.

“We need to support and nurture young parents to overcome barriers to achieve better educational, health and employment outcomes which will clearly provide a better life for their children.

“What this government is about is giving young women choices; choices they might otherwise feel they do not have. And that is what these schools that run these important programs provide.”

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