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International accolade for Australian renewable energy scientist


The Hon Alan Tudge MP
Minister for Education and Youth

Australian researcher Professor Martin Green has been awarded the Japan Prize 2021 for his ground-breaking work in renewable energy research.

The Japan Prize is awarded annually to scientists and engineers from around the world for outstanding achievements benefiting the advancement of humanity.

Professor Green’s work has included the invention of the Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) solar cell, a technology that has significantly improved solar energy efficiency and performance.

He is the third Australian to win the Japan Prize. Professor Frank Fenner received the prize in 1988 for his work in eradicating smallpox, and Dr Jacques Miller in 2018 for his discovery of the T-lymphocytes that attack virus-infected cells.

Minister for Education and Youth, Alan Tudge said it was an outstanding achievement for an Australian to be awarded this honour.

“Congratulations to Professor Green on his Japan Prize in Science, he was awarded this for world leading research that has been critical to making solar energy efficient,” Minister Tudge said.

“His groundbreaking research is another prime example of our strong research sector, and of universities and industries collaborating to address the complex challenges facing Australia and the world.”