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Transcript - Ultra 106Five with Dave Barnes


The Hon Luke Howarth MP
Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services

SUBJECTS: Tasmanian Jobs Fairs; youth unemployment


DAVE BARNES: You’re listening to Morning Lifestyle with Dave, and it is a Monday morning and coming up tomorrow morning here in Hobart a very special event. It’s a jobs fair and I thought I better find out a little bit more about it, and Luke Howarth is joining us. He’s the – uh – what is your title? Assistant Minister, I think isn’t it, Luke? For Youth and Employment, is that right?

LUKE HOWARTH: Yes, that’s right David. Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services in the Morrison Government, that’s correct. And I’m also the Federal Member for Petrie, which is up in Queensland up in Moreton Bay-Brisbane area.

DAVE BARNES: Well coming down for this jobs fair in Hobart you’ll need to rug up just a little bit; it’s a little cooler than it is in Moreton Bay this morning, I suspect. Tell us about the jobs fair and how it’s going to help job seekers get back to work.

LUKE HOWARTH: Well look, the Hobart Jobs Fair just basically provides an opportunity for job seekers to meet face-to-face with employers and talk to employers about what they look for when hiring and what employment opportunities there are in Hobart at the moment. So, it’ll be a great opportunity with over 30 confirmed exhibitors at the jobs fair tomorrow and there will be over 500 jobs on offer. So people that are on the JobSeeker payment or unemployed; people that are currently out of the workforce and looking to get back into it, please come tomorrow. It’ll be a great opportunity; I’ll be there but there will be a whole lot of people from the Department of Employment, Skills and Education that will be on hand to answer questions, and employers as well.

DAVE BARNES: So who can attend the jobs fair? Do you have to be on the NewStart benefit at this stage to do that?

LUKE HOWARTH: Well, look, we encourage everyone on the JobSeeker payment – or the NewStart benefit is what it was previously called – to come along, yes. But we encourage anyone who wants to come to also come. So, as I say, people that are looking to get back into work, people that are currently working part-time or casual and looking to increase their hours, people that are perhaps even looking to change careers, whoever. It’s a free event and anybody can come along. There’ll be a whole range of jobs on offer and yeah, basically anyone can come along tomorrow. We want to make sure that all people are back into work, so as the Assistant Minister for Youth, I’m really focused on helping younger people into the workforce. But if you’re older as well, you might be 55-plus, and wanting to change careers, there’ll be great opportunities there for you. Come and say hello to me tomorrow and I’ll definitely give you a hand while I’m there.

DAVE BARNES: Where is the fair being held?

LUKE HOWARTH: So the fair is being held tomorrow at Princes Wharf No.1, Castray Esplanade at Hobart. It starts at 9.30am, that’s when the first session will run and the second session I think is at 12.30, so there will be two sessions tomorrow. But it goes all day from 9.30 to 4pm at Princes Wharf No.1, Castray Esplanade, Hobart.

DAVE BARNES: What type of jobs are available at the fair? You mentioned there’s around about 30 different exhibitors, what sort of roles are they covering?

LUKE HOWARTH: Yeah, thanks David. Well, look, as I said 30 different exhibitors, 500 jobs on offer, there’ll be everything from business analysts to heavy vehicle drivers to human resource roles, harvesting roles, sales roles, apprenticeships and traineeships are also on offer so that’s just a few of the different jobs that will be there tomorrow. The Australian Defence Force also come to the jobs fairs as well so there’ll also be roles within the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as with our Department, as I said, of Employment, Skills and Education so, yes, it’ll be good. And tomorrow’s session two – I mentioned there’ll be two sessions – 9.30 and 1.30 they start but it runs all day until four o’clock.

DAVE BARNES: Do you need to register to attend?

LUKE HOWARTH: It’s best if you do register through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. There’s a website for all of your listeners. It’s just DESE – which is d-e-s-e –, which obviously stands for Hobart Jobs Fair. So, that website, you can register there but otherwise you can just turn up tomorrow at the door and register tomorrow as well.

DAVE BARNES: Okay. Any more coming in the future apart from this one tomorrow?

LUKE HOWARTH: Yeah, look, there’s going to be a lot more jobs fairs in the future. On Thursday as well this week there’ll be one in the northern part of the state up in Devonport. We’re also next week going to Perth. We’ve just finished one in the ACT, which had a lot of jobs on offer and there will be one up in my state as well, up in Queensland so we’ll be rolling them out around the country. I can’t say when we’ll be back in Tasmania, but – so that’s why it’s really important tomorrow that anyone who is looking for work comes along because tomorrow you may pick up a new skill; something that you didn’t know what employers were looking for when hiring and you’ll find out something tomorrow like, well employers are looking for this, they want a great attitude, they want people that really care about their work. A lot of jobs are found through networking, as well and through other people so, as I said, there’ll be free workshops tomorrow, one for your resume and also for interview skills. So, great opportunity and I can’t encourage people enough to come along tomorrow.

DAVE BARNES: I’m sure there will be plenty of people during our school holidays making the best of this particular opportunity. The Jobs Fair down at Princes Wharf No.1 from tomorrow. Luke, rug up and we look forward to you coming and joining us in our state to present the jobs fair here and of course the one later in the week up in Devonport. Thank you for your time.

LUKE HOWARTH: Thanks David, I look forward to meeting a lot of Tasmanians this week. It will be a great couple of days.