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Interview - 6PR with Gareth Parker


The Hon Luke Howarth MP
Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services

SUBJECT: Perth Jobs Fair


GARETH PARKER: If you're looking for a job, Perth’s the place to be. We've got the lowest unemployment rate in the country, but also there's a big job fair today at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Luke Howarth is the Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services from the Federal Government. Hi, Luke.

LUKE HOWARTH: Good morning, Gareth. Great to be with you today here in Perth.

GARETH PARKER: Thanks for your time. There's a range of these going on around the country. Why?

LUKE HOWARTH: Well really, the Morrison Government’s just focused on helping Australians get back into work after COVID. And so, in the last month or so we've done three Jobs Fairs - I've been to one in Canberra, two in Tasmania last week, and today we're in Perth. And it's all about ensuring that local people can find a job that they need, and the Australian Government wants to help with that. The Department of Education, Skills and Employment is hosting these events, and it's a great opportunity for people to get along today.

GARETH PARKER: Can people go and get a job today?

LUKE HOWARTH: They can. There will be some jobs there today that they can sign up with, but it is broader than that. They will walk away with a whole lot of skills. Even if they don't land a job today, they'll be able to go home and apply for a whole load of jobs. There’s 3800 jobs on offer today in Perth and over 320 apprenticeships. So naturally, there's about 50 to 60 exhibitors - so not everyone offering 3800 jobs will be present at the Jobs Fair. But job seekers will walk away with a heap of applications and opportunities to apply.

But it is more than that. They'll also walk away with new skills about what employers want when hiring. And there's actually workshops today - we'll have employers there that will speak to the job seekers and they will give them tips about when applying for a job what they look for when making a decision. And that will be very valuable to job seekers.

GARETH PARKER: Do you have to get yourself a ticket? Or can you just turn up?

LUKE HOWARTH: Previously, you had to register through the website. But today, now that it's starting at 9.30 this morning and the second session at 1.30, they can just turn up. So, the Perth Jobs Fair will be at Pavilion One at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre at 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth. They can just turn up, department staff will be there, they can sign in, it's all COVID-safe and everything else.

So yeah, just turn up on the day. And, I really encourage people - I'm not sure when the next Jobs Fair will be back in Perth, so, get along today, it will be a great opportunity for them.

GARETH PARKER: Luke Howarth, thanks for your time.

LUKE HOWARTH: Thanks very much.

GARETH PARKER: The Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services, Luke Howarth. The Perth Jobs Fair at the Convention Centre today - head along if you're looking for a job.