Release type: Media Release


Coalition to put more funding into schools


The Hon Christopher Pyne MP
Minister for Education
Leader of the House

To guarantee funding certainty for 2014, the Coalition Government will allocate an extra $230 million in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, replacing the funding Labor took out.

This means every state and territory will have funding certainty for 2014 while the Government creates a new funding model to replace the Shorten shambles left by Labor.

This new spending means the Coalition is putting in more money than Labor promised, exceeding our election commitment to match Labor's school funding envelope.

Since the election, the Government has discovered only three states and territories had fully signed up to the funding model.

It also became clear that Bill Shorten, in his last act as Education Minister, had cut $1.2 billion from the funding model.

Despite these challenges, the Coalition is entirely honouring its election commitment maintaining the same funding envelope as Labor over the forward estimates, only now we are putting in an extra $230 million.

We firmly believe that school students in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia are just as deserving of extra support as children in other parts of the country.