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Government welcomes Generation Success commitment to help young job seekers find work


The Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP
Assistant Minister for Employment
The Hon Senator Scott Ryan
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education

Assistant Minister for Employment Luke Hartsuyker and the Parliamentary Secretary for Education Senator Scott Ryan today endorsed the commitment by major Australian businesses to help address youth unemployment.

Mr Hartsuyker and Senator Ryan joined the Prime Minister at a breakfast and roundtable in Sydney to support the Generation Success initiative.

Generation Success is a partnership between Woolworths and News Corp focusing on giving young people the chance to work.

“Generation Success shows the power of employers to create opportunities for young job seekers, especially those who may have struggled to get a job. The initiative has already signed up other big employers to identify ways to engage with young job seekers and provide them with a pathway to employment,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

“For young people, getting that first job opens the door to a lifetime of career opportunities. This includes financial and emotional rewards which allows them to make a positive contribution to society.

“At today’s roundtable we saw young people—who have only recently started their working lives—deliver outstanding presentations about the barriers they face, their hopes for the future and the kind of opportunities they’re looking for.”

The Australian Government is introducing new incentives to support young people to find and keep a job. These include:

  • introducing, from 1 July, the Job Commitment Bonus, under which young, long-term unemployed people can receive bonuses of up to $6500 if they find work and stay off welfare for two years
  • delivering the Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job scheme from 1 July, which gives long-term job seekers up to $6000 if they move to a regional area for work or $3000 if they move to a metropolitan area.
  • cutting red tape out of the Job Services Australia system so that local providers can spend more time helping people find work

“All these initiatives aim to break down the barriers which prevent young job seekers from getting off welfare and into work,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

“It is incumbent upon governments to get the policy settings right, but in the end it is business that will deliver job opportunities for young job seekers,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

Senator Ryan said all companies associated with Generation Success were to be applauded.

“We too often forget that a first job is just that – a starting point for young Australians to acquire those job skills that help them throughout their working lives.

“The companies involved in Generation Success provide thousands of Australians with their first job opportunities every year, and they are to be congratulated for prioritising this critical aspect of their commitment to our community.”

Mr Hartsuyker and Senator Ryan congratulated all the companies who have signed up to Generation Success for their leadership and commitment to young people. The companies include Leighton Holdings, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Toll Group, Spotless, Telstra, Foxtel and Lend Lease and Rio Tinto.

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