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Staff in Australias School's survey

A landmark education survey released today highlights the urgent need to implement the Rudd Government’s Education Revolution and ensure every secondary school student can participate effectively in a digital world.

The Staff in Australia’s Schools survey by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) in collaboration with the Australian College of Educators (ACE) gathered information from over 12,000 secondary and primary teachers and school leaders across the country.

Findings highlight that teachers and principals see computer technology as a vital learning tool, and the need for more professional learning for teachers, especially in the effective use of computers in school learning.

The Rudd Government’s Education Revolution will play a key role in responding to issues raised in the survey. We will provide every student in years 9 to 12 with access to their own computer, and professional development programmes for current teachers.

We will also be working with universities and educators to ensure the next generation of teachers is equipped to maximise the potential of computers as a learning tool in 21st century classrooms.

The survey also confirms that there are teacher shortages in both primary and secondary school specialist areas, such as LOTE, maths and science.

The Rudd Government will deliver financial incentives to encourage students to study and teach maths and science by halving HECS contributions for students studying maths and science, and halving their repayments again if they go on to teach maths or science.

As recommended in the report, the Rudd Government will take the findings and recommendations to a working group under the Council of Commonwealth and State Education Ministers.

The Rudd Government will work closely with education authorities, teachers, school leaders, and the wider community in supporting an effective workforce to make sure all students receive a world class education.

A copy of the report will be available from 11am at