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Not a Squeak from Liberals about 100,000 Work Choices Mousemats

Almost 100,000 Work Choices mousemats were stashed away by the previous Liberal government together with more than 436,000 Work Choices booklets prior to the last election.

Today, the Government can reveal that 97,898 Work Choices mousemats have been discovered in storage.

Australian taxpayers have been forking out $930 per month to store this Liberal government Work Choices propaganda.

This is part of the propaganda Australian taxpayers had already forked out $121 million for, thanks to the previous Liberal government.

While paper products can be pulped and recycled, unfortunately the 97,898 Work Choices mousemats cannot.

The Rudd Government will make every effort to dispose of this material appropriately and in the most cost effective way.

Each Member and Senator of the political party that brought Work Choices to Australian working families, for instance, has been sent a Work Choices mousemat.

Only yesterday, the Rudd Government sent what was left of the 6 million Work Choices booklets which came to 45 pallets or 4 truckloads off to be pulped and recycled.

The total cost of printing, storing, distributing and recycling the 6 million booklets has totalled approximately $2.2million of taxpayer funds.

While the Liberal Party continues to defend its extreme Work Choices laws and its unfair AWAs, Australian working families are still paying for their arrogant, out of touch advertising.