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New Tenders to Address Australia’s Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Levels


The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister for Education
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for Social Inclusion

The Minister for Education Julia Gillard today announced the 34 organisations that will deliver the Rudd Government’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program in more than 350 locations across Australia.

Over the next four years, the Rudd Labor Government’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program will provide more than 70,000 jobseekers with training to improve their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

Under this program, jobseekers are provided with up to 800 hours of free accredited training so they can get the basic skills they need to get a job.

The program caters particularly to disadvantaged jobseeker groups including Indigenous Australians, young people, people with disabilities and people in regional and remote locations.

Ms Gillard said that funding to the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program was increased in the 2010/11 Budget by $67 million over four years to boost the quality of the training under the program as part of ourSkills for Sustainable Growthpackage.

This means the new three-year contracts are now worth more than $240 million to provide thousands of Australians with basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

The Rudd Government’sSkills for Sustainable Growthpackage also includes an extra 9,500 places under our Workplace English, Language and Literacy (WELL) program and up to 8,000 places in informal learning programs such as Men’s Sheds.

Ms Gillard said this assistance will help lift Australia’s productivity in the longer term.

In addition to these programs, the Rudd Government is investing in a national education campaign to promote awareness and acceptance of the adult literacy and numeracy issues that so many fellow Australians face.

By de-stigmatising the problem, the Government hopes to improve community support to help out our fellow Australians who previously haven’t had the opportunities and education to get ahead in the workforce.

The successful tenderers are listed below. Further information about the program is available at:

Successful Tenderers

Face-to-Face Training and Assessment Providers


Canberra Institute of Technology


ACL Mission Australia ConsortiumACL Riverina Community College ConsortiumACL Western College ConsortiumAuswide ProjectsMission AustraliaMTC Training SolutionsNortec Employment and Training LtdTAFE NSW - Hunter InstituteTAFE NSW - New England InstituteTAFE NSW - Western InstituteTAFE NSW - North Coast InstituteTAFE NSW - Western Sydney InstituteTAFE NSW - Northern Sydney Institute (TAFE NSW/NSW AMES Consortium)


Mission AustraliaSTEPS Training


Career Employment Australia IncOutcomes - The Training PeopleTAFE QLD


Mission AustraliaStatus Employment ServicesTAFE SA Adelaide South InstituteTAFE SA Regional


Mission Australia


AMES LLN ConsortiumBRACE Education Training and Employment Chisholm Institute of TAFEDjerriwarrh Employment and Education ServicesEast Gippsland Institute of TAFEGippsTAFEGoulburn Ovens Institute of TAFENorthern LLANS ConsortiumSkillsPlus Ltd Swinburne University


Centacare Employment and TrainingGreat Southern TAFEKimberley TAFEMission AustraliaSMYL Community Services

Distance Training and Assessment Provider


Open Training and Education Network

Independent Verification Provider


Linda Wyse and Associates Pty Ltd