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New Pathway into Teaching

The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, has announced the Australian Government will fund a new scheme to attract Australia’s best graduates into teaching.

Speaking at a Sydney dinner hosted by UBS Australia for Australia’s corporate and education leaders, Ms Gillard called on educators and businesses to support the national scheme.

Under the new program, high performing graduates in areas like commerce, law and science will be able to enter teaching through a new pathway that ensures the best and brightest are attracted into the profession.

These top graduates will undertake an intensive teacher training course, receive mentoring from experienced teachers and undertake further study as they complete their teaching qualification.

The program would require that graduates give a minimum two year commitment to teach in schools.

At the end of their time in schools, graduates will have the option of taking up positions in the business sector. This will require close partnerships between the Government, teacher employers and the business community.

The program will be funded as part of the $500 million National Partnership between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories to improve Quality Teaching.

Victoria has already shown leadership and enthusiasm to implement such a program and the Rudd Government is committed to working with States and Territories to further develop the program in other jurisdictions.

Mr Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York City Education Department, also spoke at the dinner sharing his reform experience on how we can best meet the needs of students.

A world-class education system needs well-trained and dedicated teachers. The Australian Government is recognising the importance of our teachers by:

  • putting in place initiatives to recruit high-achieving graduates into teaching;
  • developing new and higher national standards for teachers; and
  • matching the right teachers and school leaders to schools.