Release type: Joint Media Release


New figures confirm all Victorian government schools to get increased funding

New figures released by the Gillard Government today have confirmed that every single government school in Victoria will receive extra funding over the next six years, under our new and fairer funding model.

The figures, based on the needs-based funding model the Gillard Government wants to introduce for every school, reveal that schools with the highest needs will benefit the most from the National Plan for School Improvement.

They show the increase in funding for every government school in Victoria by 2019.

The Gillard Government has released these figures today in response to the misleading and highly alarmist claims by the Napthine Government that 249 government schools in Victoria will be worse off under the new national model.

These claims are wrong. They are based on the assumption that Commonwealth indexation under the current system will be 4.7 per cent. In fact the current indexation rate is 3.9 per cent and is forecast to fall to 3 per cent over the coming years.

Premier Napthine and his Education Minister have used incorrect forecasts to make a political point. They should apologise to the schools they have named for causing unnecessary alarm.

Our figures clearly show that every single government school in Victoria will see more money flow over the next six years under our plan.

They will reassure parents, principals and the community that no school will be worse off under the new model.

This extra money will help Victorian schools give every student the best education possible, no matter where they live or their family background.

It will help deliver:
• More one on one attention and support in the classroom for every child;
• Specialist literacy and numeracy programs for those children in danger of being left behind;
• Greater assistance for those students with disability or special need; and
• Improvements in building the skills and knowledge of teachers and providing mentoring support for those who are new to the profession.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver the biggest investment in education in generations.

It’s time for Premier Napthine to get serious, stop his misleading scare campaign, and to sign up to the Gillard Government’s plan for better schools.

The Victorian Liberal Government needs to commit to paying their fair share of the $4 billion on offer over the next six years, as that is the only way to guarantee that schools in their state will have the resources they need to give their students a world-class education.

The figures released today have been calculated using the Schooling Resource Standard model, which includes a base amount per student and extra money through loadings for indigenous and low SES students, students with disability, and students with limited English skills. Small schools and schools in regional and remote locations also receive extra funding.

Under the National Plan, the Commonwealth will allocate federal funding for all schools in states that sign up using the SRS. State Governments must agree to also distribute funding using a needs-based model, and to increase school funding by at least 3 per cent every year.

The final details of any Victorian needs-based funding model will need to be confirmed with the State Government, however this data demonstrates the substantial increase in funding available for all schools under the new needs-based system.

Based on the SRS model the Gillard Government is implementing, a similar result would be produced for all school sectors, in every state and territory – funding increases for every school, with the biggest increases going to schools with the highest needs.

17 JUNE 2013