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New engineering survey released

Around 80 per cent of male and almost 70 per cent of female final year engineering university students intend to pursue their engineering careers in Australia according to a new survey.

The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard released the report today, which surveyed 1540 final year engineering university students across the country.

Findings highlight that 70 per cent of overseas students studying engineering also intend to look for engineering jobs here.

This is good news, as there is continuing high demand for engineers to contribute to Australia’s economy through an innovative and competitive workforce.

Engineers are critical to maintaining and developing innovation in our nation’s industry, business, government, research and education sectors.

The survey also found that over 80 per cent of final year engineering university students suggest the ‘ideal’ engineering job would have good working conditions, a good work/life balance, and opportunities for varied work.

This new report will assist universities in ensuring their courses are attractive to students and that enrolments meet the continuing demand for Australian engineering graduates.

Employers can also use the findings to better understand what engineering graduates are looking for in their careers.

The survey suggests women and men are attracted to engineering courses for the same reasons, such as problem solving, designing and creating in a hands-on way. Students said they were interested in new and emerging technologies and are attracted by the strong employment opportunities engineering presents.

Work experience is a critical element of the engineering education experience. Survey results indicate that the most common means of obtaining employment was after doing work experience at the same site.

The National survey of final year engineering university students is available at: