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Government funds new Chair in Australian Literature

The Minister for Education has today announced that the Rudd Government will fund a new Chair in Australian Literature to be established at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

The Australian Government will provide $1.5 million towards the initiative which will re-invigorate the study of Australian literature at university, in our schools and throughout the community.

Though a number of universities submitted impressive proposals, the six member selection panel unanimously found the University of Western Australia to be the strongest candidate.

UWA’s proposed strategies to promote Australian literature both nationally and internationally as well as the support of the Western Australian Government were identified as strengths in the application.

As the University’s application noted, UWA has pioneered and remained constantly committed to the teaching and research of Australian literacy studies and is today at the forefront in this field.

The University of Western Australia is to be congratulated on its achievement.

The University of Western Australia has been recognised for its long-standing commitment to the promotion of literature and culture in the community.

The decision follows a competitive process which was open to all Australian universities.

The Government sought a university that could best demonstrate its commitment to Australian literature and was best placed to further promote scholarship in Australian literature.

Funding has been drawn from the Diversity and Structural Adjustment Fund which is aimed at promoting diversification of the higher education sector.