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Government Delivers on Promise to Phase Out Full Fee Degrees

The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, has announced that the Australian Government has approved the allocation of 2 607 new Commonwealth supported places and $9.76 million in transitional assistance for public universities in 2009 to phase out full fee undergraduate degrees for Australian students.

As promised at the last election, the Rudd Government is phasing out full fee paying places for domestic undergraduate students at public universities.

The Rudd Government wants to make sure that young Australians have the skills to make Australia a more productive and prosperous nation.

The Government is committed to phasing out full fee degrees to ensure Australian students gain entry to university on merit, not ability to pay.

Funding of $26.45 million has been allocated to 18 universities for 2 607 commencing undergraduate places in 2009. These places are expected to grow to 7 382 places by 2012 and funding is expected to amount to $192 million.

Thirteen universities did not request Commonwealth Supported Places to replace full fee paying places. They were either offering no full fee paying places or only a small number that could be absorbed, generally because of under enrolment in their existing allocation of Commonwealth supported places.

Six universities sought less than a one-for-one replacement place and seven requested one-for-one replacement places. Five universities sought more than one-for-one replacement places.

Transitional assistance will help universities offering replacement Commonwealth supported places in activities such as Indigenous medicine, nursing and health initiatives at Monash University, improved law teaching facilities at the University of Sydney and the provision of medicine places at the University of Queensland’s Ipswich campus.

Transitional assistance of $9.76 million has been allocated to nine universities for 2009 bringing the total Budget allocation for 2009 to $36.2 million.

The 2008–09 Budget provided $249 million in additional Commonwealth Grant Scheme funding for up to 11,000 Commonwealth supported places by 2011. This funding is being used flexibly to support the places requested by universities and to provide transitional assistance.

The Government will consider changes to funding arrangements that may be required following the Review of Higher Education and the negotiation of mission-based funding compacts to take effect from 2010.

The Bradley Review will provide its final report and recommendations to the Government in December as scheduled.

A list of the universities receiving the Commonwealth supported places and the transitional assistance funding is attached.

Universities receiving additional Commonwealth supported places to replace full fee paying places Number of Commonwealth supported places for 2009
Deakin University


The University of New South Wales


Monash University


RMIT University


The University of Sydney


University of Technology Sydney


Swinburne University


Macquarie University


Australian Catholic University


The University of Melbourne


The University of Newcastle


La Trobe University


The University of Queensland


Griffith University


Southern Cross University


Flinders University


The University of Adelaide


University of Western Sydney




Universities receiving transitional assistance funding in 2009 Funding approved
Monash University


Deakin University


The University of Sydney


University of Technology, Sydney


University of New South Wales


The University of Melbourne


University of Queensland


Flinders University


University of Newcastle



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