Release type: Joint Media Release


Government and Woolworths help Australians to find work


The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister
Senator the Hon Chris Evans
Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Financial Services and Superannuation

Australians looking for work will be given assistance through a landmark jobs compact between the Gillard Government and Woolworths.

We know many Australians want to find work, but need a hand with securing a job.

Woolworths is creating 10,000 new retail jobs this financial year (2011-12).

Under the Fresh Start Agreement signed today, the Government will set up a one stop shop to ensure that Woolworths has streamlined access to the full range of jobs, skills and training services the Government has to offer.

This includes access to a range of government programs such as:

  • Skills Connect;
  • Employment programs such as indigenous employment programs, pre-apprenticeship programs and access to apprenticeship incentives; and
  • Wage Connect.

This will ensure that Woolworths is able to employ a diverse range of people in these 10,000 positions, and in any future positions. This will include the long term unemployed, Indigenous Australians, older workers and workers with a disability.

By having a clear understanding of the needs of Woolworths as a major employer, we will cut through the red tape and tailor our services to be more effective.

These one stop shops will be set up at a state level – so state Woolworths managers can liaise directly with federal departments about incentives, skills, training, and support services.

In addition to establishing a one stop shop, the Government will also work to increase the skills and job readiness of jobseekers and existing employees.

Around 700,000 Australians have gained a job since Labor came to office.

We want to ensure all Australians who want a job can find one.

By partnering with a major employer such as Woolworths, the Gillard Government is directly helping Australians to secure a job.

We believe the best way to ensure workplace training meets the needs of employers is to work with them to deliver that training, and we want this agreement to be the first of many.

The Government believes industry must be at the heart of the training system. Our priority is to work with industry and employers, like we are doing with Woolworths, and assist in developing a training solution that has real results for Australians.

We know that a person’s first retail job can turn into a career. There are hundreds of examples at Woolworths alone where people have started in low-skilled jobs, received training and experience and worked their way into skilled trades, such as butchers and bakers, and into management.

Through partnerships such as these, we can work with industry to give Australians the opportunity to up-skill and get a better job.


State breakdown of 10,000 jobs