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Fair Work Australia Commissioners appointed


The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Minister for Education. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for Social Inclusion
Deputy Prime Minister

The Minister for Workplace Relations, Julia Gillard, has today announced appointments to Fair Work Australia.

Under the Government’s new workplace relations system, Fair Work Australia Commissioners will play a key role as independent umpires.

The newly appointed Commissioners are fair-minded and capable professionals from varied backgrounds. They will bring great expertise and life experience to this important role.

Commissioners are required to perform functions and exercise powers under the Fair Work Act in a manner that is just and fair, open and transparent and in a way that promotes harmonious and cooperative workplace relations.

Following a merit-based and bipartisan process that was consistent with the Government’s commitments inForward with Fairness, the following appointments as FWA Commissioners have been made:

  • Mr Peter Hampton
  • Mr Danny Cloghan
  • Ms Anne Gooley
  • Mr John Ryan
  • Ms Michelle Bissett
  • Mr Julius Roe

A short profile of each appointee is attached below.

As a result of states joining a national workplace relations system for the private sector, the Government has also made the following dual appointments to FWA as Deputy Presidents.

FWA Deputy President dual appointments:

  • The Hon Peter Dennis Hannon (South Australia)
  • Ms Karen Marilyn Bartel (South Australia)
  • The Hon Rodney William Harrison (New South Wales)
  • The Hon Peter John Andrew Sams AM (New South Wales)
  • Ms Deirdre Anne Swan (Queensland)

The dual appointments are considered to be foundation appointments made consequent upon referrals from the states. The dual appointees are longstanding members of the relevant state tribunals and are supported by the relevant state.

FWA Commissioner dual appointments are:

  • Mr David Steel (South Australia)
  • Mr Peter John Connor (New South Wales)
  • Ms Donna Sarah McKenna (New South Wales)
  • Mr Ian Walter Cambridge (New South Wales)
  • Mr Alistair William McDonald (New South Wales)
  • Mr John David Stanton (New South Wales)
  • Ms Ingrid Catherine Asbury (Queensland)

The dual appointments will ensure that FWA is able to meet the needs of employees and employers joining the national system.

A Fair Work Australia office will be established in both Wollongong and Newcastle to increase accessibility in outer-metro Australia.


Peter Hampton

Director, Policy and Strategy, SafeWork SA, Department of the Premier and Cabinet.Mr Hampton is a former Deputy President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and Deputy President IRC SA. He has been closely involved in the development of the Fair Work legislation and has led negotiations regarding South Australia’s referral to the National System.

Danny Cloghan

A/g Executive Director, Finance and Corporate Division, WA Department of Health.Mr Cloghan has almost 30 years involvement in workplace relations matters. He has extensive State public sector experience across a range of departments including lengthy experience as Chief of Staff to the WA Attorney-General and WA Minister for the Environment. He also has experience in the union movement. Mr Cloghan is currently also a Director, Community CPS Credit Union. He holds a Master of Industrial Relations and Bachelor of Arts degree.

Anne Gooley

Public Interest Litigation Principal, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.Ms Gooley has a teaching and research background. She subsequently took up a union role with Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, where she reached level of Assistant Secretary Victorian Branch, before moving to the legal firm in 1998. Ms Gooley has extensive experience in workplace relations.

John Ryan

Senior National Industrial Officer, Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association.Mr Ryan has over 25 years experience in union movement. He holds tertiary qualifications in law (to Masters level).

Michelle Bissett

Senior Industrial Officer, ACTU.Ms Bissett has 23 years experience in industrial and workplace relations. She has recently completed a Masters degree in Employment and Industrial Relations.

Julius Roe

National President, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.Mr Roe has extensive experience in industrial relations. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.