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Collaboration Ensures Future for Gladstone Australian Technical College Facilities

A Joint Media Release with The Hon Rod Welford MP, Minister for Education, Training and the Arts

The Australian and Queensland Governments today announced negotiations with the Gladstone Australian Technical College to create a transition plan for the college’s facilities to become a new campus of Gladstone State High School.

The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Federal Minister for Education and The Hon Rod Welford MP, Queensland State Minister for Education, Training and the Arts; emphasised the integration of the facilities within the broader education and training effort in the Gladstone region, and the continuation of involving local industry in the development of training programs.

Consultations between the two Governments commenced when the existing Australian Technical College in Gladstone did not achieve the accreditation necessary to open as a non-government school at the commencement of the 2008 school year.

"The Australian Government will work closely with the Queensland Government and the Board of the Australian Technical College to develop an education model that builds on existing local facilities and expertise," Minister Gillard said.

"The Government is committed to providing education and training that meets the needs of students and their communities, while also combating skills shortages and improving workforce participation.

"The Gladstone ATC negotiations will be the first in the Rudd Government broader effort to integrate the colleges into the existing local education and training services," Minister Gillard said.

Mr Welford said that Queensland is the national leader in the uptake of school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.

"This dominance demonstrates the Queensland Government’s commitment to providing every young person with a broad education and pathway to further education, training and employment," Mr Welford said.

"Gladstone is a regional city that continues to display the very best in cooperative relationships between industry and the schools sectors. With the continued support of industry, multinational and local, this new joint venture between the Australian and Queensland Government will deliver continued excellence in education and training."