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Changes to Learning and Teaching Performance Fund

The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard has announced that Australia’s universities will now be rewarded for improvement as well as excellence in learning and teaching.

Under the previous Liberal government, only universities with the very best outcomes were eligible to receive funding with Learning and Teaching Performance Fund (LTPF).

As a result only a few, mainly prestigious universities received funding and little, if anything at all, went to regional and less well resourced universities.

The Rudd Government believes rewarding improvement will provide more tangible and effective incentives for all universities to improve their performance from one year to the next. This, in turn, will have real benefits for university students.

The LTPF Advisory Group, made up of university representatives, will advise the Government on options for measuring improvement. Universities will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed process in the coming weeks.

In 2009, the Rudd Government will provide more than $74 million to universities through the Learning and Teaching Performance Fund (LTPF).

The Government will continue to use the fund to reward excellence, acknowledging those universities whose performance is exceptional but the restructure will mean regional universities will no longer miss out.

In addition, the Rudd Government will deliver $500 million to our universities through the Better Universities – Renewal Fund by the end of June 2008 to help them rebuild their campus infrastructure after eleven years of neglect under the Howard Government.

The Rudd Government is committed to ensuring universities improve teaching and learning for undergraduate students which will enhance graduate employability skills and productivity.