Release type: Media Release


BUDGET 2009-10: Investing in a fair and productive Australia


The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Minister for Education. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
Minister for Social Inclusion
Deputy Prime Minister

The Rudd Government will invest in education, training, jobs, workplace relations and support for the disadvantaged to secure a fair and productive Australia for the future.

Investment in jobs, skills and education is at the heart of the Government’s decisive response to the global recession.

Jobs and Skills

The Rudd Government is focussed on supporting jobs today and skilling for the jobs of tomorrow.

In this Budget, the Rudd Government is investing over $4 billion in Job Services Australia to support people who are unemployed. This includes $298.5 million to provide immediate access to employment services for workers made redundant.

A $650 million Jobs Fund will help support local jobs and training in regions hardest hit by the global recession. This measure is part of the Government’s Jobs and Training Compact which aims to support young people, retrenched workers and local communities to get back to work and gain the skills required for future jobs.

The Rudd Government will introduce a temporary Training Supplement of $41.60 per fortnight for Newstart and Parenting Payment recipients to encourage those Australians vulnerable to long term unemployment to undertake training.

In addition, in this Budget the Rudd Government is investing $3.8 billion over four years for more apprenticeships and training places.

The Rudd Government will not leave behind Australians who are hit by the global recession and become unemployed. The Government is determined to lend a helping hand today while supporting Australians to get the skills they need to get new work and to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. Individuals are helped and our nation is strengthened by ensuring the skills base is there to assist our economic recovery.

Delivering the Education Revolution

The Rudd Government ‘s Education Revolution is a set of linked new education reforms that are vital to ensure that the Australia of tomorrow is higher skilled, more inclusive and a winner in the global competition for jobs, investment, productivity and prosperity. In this Budget, the Rudd Government continues to deliver the Education Revolution.

This Government has increased education spending by around 50 per cent in real terms over the current five year period compared to the previous one.

Early ChildhoodThe Budget commits $14.4 billion over the next four years to give Australian children the best start in life and support families with the costs of affordable, quality child care.

SchoolingA record $47.4 billion investment in Australian schools delivers on the Government’s commitment to a world-class national schooling system. This is in addition to the $14.7 billion Building the Education Revolution commitment to school infrastructure over the next three financial years.

Higher Education In response to the Bradley Review of Higher Education, the Government will invest $5.7 billion in higher education and innovation over the next four years to secure the jobs of the future.

A Fairer Streamlined Workplace Relations SystemThe Rudd Government is delivering a fairer workplace system by establishing Fair Work Australia, a new independent industrial relations umpire. By streamlining services to better meet the needs of employers and employees, savings of $97.5 million over two years will be achieved.

Each of these measures – jobs and skills, the education revolution and a fairer streamlined workplace relations system – are vital to delivering a fairer and more productive Australia.