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$350,000 Revitalisation of Batchelor Institute Infrastructure

The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard will announce that the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education will receive $350,000 for technological infrastructure upgrades which will revitalise teaching and learning at the Institute.

Opening Batchelor Institute’s new E-Learning and Research Building tomorrow, the Minister will announce that the Rudd Government’s $500 million Better Universities Renewal Fund will enable the Institute to undertake a significant upgrade to its academic conference facilities.

This is in addition to the Rudd Government’s recent allocation of 15 Early Childhood Education places 30 Nursing places at the Batchelor Institute to commence in 2009.

The upgrade will create a superior learning environment for students and include installation of audiovisual and computer based teaching aids designed to facilitate collaboration between students and enhance the collaborative relationship with academic staff.

This facility will house modern video conference teaching capabilities which will allow the institute to further support education in for students in remote areas.

The Better Universities Renewal Fund is part of the Rudd Government’s plan to build a modern, productive Australian higher education system to meet the challenges of the future.

The Government’s Better Universities Renewal Funding is a one-off $500 million initiative to assist Australia’s universities to revitalise campus infrastructure after a decade of neglect by the previous Liberal government.

Funding is provided for campus renewal that will improve university infrastructure for teaching, learning and research and to enhance the student experience through improved student amenities.

Universities in the Northern Territory will receive $3.304 million from the new Better Universities Renewal Fund.