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$2 billion training program delivers for job seekers

Job seekers continue to make the most of opportunities to upgrade their skills through the Productivity Places Program.

With more than 77,000 jobseekers already enrolled in the training program, 2009 has seen continued strong growth in course commencements and completions.

The Government introduced the Productivity Places Program to increase the qualifications of Australians to meet the nation’s skills needs and drive productivity.

The Productivity Places Program offers training for job seekers in areas that are still in demand.

Since April 2008 more than 61,000 Australians have started a training course through the Productivity Places Program that will provide greater opportunities for ongoing, sustainable employment in the future.

Already, less than 12 months after the program commenced, there are more than 26,000 Australians who have completed training with new skills that are a pathway to future training and employment.

As part of the Economic Security Strategy announced by the Prime Minister in October 2008, the number of government funded training places for job seekers this financial year were doubled at a cost of $187m. This includes 10,000 Structural Adjustment places to assist people who are made redundant.

The $2 billion Productivity Places Program is a major long-term Government commitment and will deliver more than 701,000 training places over five years. 309,000 training places will be allocated to job seekers and 392,000 places available to existing workers wanting to gain or upgrade their skills.

Places made available through 2008 were predominantly for job seekers and demand has been very strong across a wide range of industries at both Certificate II and III levels.

The most popular courses for job seekers have been in the health and community services, education and transport industries but participants are taking up the opportunity to gains skills in all industries from retail to the trades.

In 2009, the existing workers component of the Productivity Places Program will be rolled out fully, with a great deal of interest being shown by workers looking to increase their skill levels.

Up to 10,000 existing worker places have already been made available from August 2008 to December 2010 through Memoranda of Understanding with every State and Territory. These will be greatly enhanced through the delivery of places under the National Partnership Agreement signed at COAG in November 2008.

Further assistance for jobseekers to improve their skills was announced as part of the $42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Package.

The Training and Learning Bonus effectively increases the Education Entry Payment, an incentive payment aimed at getting people the skills they need to get back into work, from $208 to $1158.

A highly skilled workforce provides individuals with greater job opportunities and will benefit the Australian economy in the longer term.

The Rudd Government is continuing to work through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) on additional measures to get Australians who are looking for work the training and assistance they need to maximise their ability to get a job.

Productivity Places Program

Status as at 30 January 2009

Training commencements
State Referred by employment service providers Participants commenced training
NSW 13076 22954
ACT 289 440
VIC 10369 19345
QLD 7028 11302
SA 3288 4381
WA 1150 1590
TAS 730 1612
NT 67 85
Total 35997 61709
Training completions
State Referred by employment service providers Participants completed training
NSW 5236 9866
ACT 204 320
VIC 4581 8808
QLD 2305 4111
SA 1218 1759
WA 281 507
TAS 311 951
NT 24 29
Total 14160 26351
Enrolments by Qualification
Qualification Level Referred by employment service providers Total enrolments
Certificate II 18532 29112
Certificate III 24161 41899
Certificate IV 4243 5738
Diploma 195 866
Total 47131 77615
Enrolments by Qualification (Top 25)
Qualification Enrolments referred by ESP Total Enrolments
Certificate III in Children's Services 4364 9624
Certificate III in Aged Care Work 4504 8035
Certificate II in Security Operations 3476 6454
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 2522 3480
Certificate II in Transport and Logistics (Warehousing and Storage) 2739 3462
Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Warehousing and Storage) 2292 3152
Certificate II in Retail 1935 2575
Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport) 1322 2251
Certificate II in Customer Contact 1663 2237
Certificate II in Retail Operations 1036 2159
Certificate III in Security Operations 1465 2097
Certificate III in Customer Contact 990 1999
Certificate II in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport) 1246 1747
Certificate II in Financial Services 975 1732
Certificate III in Financial Services (Accounts Clerical) 732 1387
Certificate III in Hairdressing 631 1354
Certificate II in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations) 1017 1305
Certificate III in Retail 954 1282
Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Warehousing and Storage) 728 1269
Certificate II in Community Services Support Work 447 1064
Certificate III in Hospitality (Operations) 725 981
Certificate II in Transport and Distribution (Warehousing and Storage) 560 980
Certificate II in Hairdressing 382 977
Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) 461 964
Certificate III in Community Services Work 537 802