Release type: Joint Media Release


Cape York Super Sisters to help get women ready for work


The Hon Peter Garrett MP
Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth

An exciting initiative, ‘Super Sisters’, will support more than 100 Indigenous women in Cape York communities to become ready for training and employment opportunities.

Minister for Education Peter Garrett and Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development Mark Arbib said the ‘Super Sisters’ project was a fantastic initiative for Indigenous women in Northern Australia.

“This project comes on the back of research that shows there is a need to assist these women in a consultative and culturally appropriate manner as they move towards gaining a job,” Mr Garrett said.

“The project will consult communities, develop plans and work with local services to give Indigenous Australians the chance to make a strong commitment to education, training and employment opportunities in areas such as community liaison and mentoring roles.

“Participants will undertake workshops and personal development training in their home communities, as well as vocational training and employment programs equivalent to Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate II.”

Senator Arbib said the Gillard Government has committed $1 799 700 in funding with $864 700 from the Indigenous Employment Program and $935 000 from the Parental and Community Engagement program and is being run with the assistance of Tanya Major Consulting.

“Our partnership with Tania Major Consulting will identify employment opportunities across Cape York and support job seekers and communities with what they need to make the most of them,” Senator Arbib said.

“The funding will ensure women in Cape York communities, such as Hope Vale, Kowanyama and Pormpurraw will have employable skills and are ready for work and have access to work.

“Projects such as this one are significant and necessary and the Gillard Government continues to close the Gap education and employment.”

Senator Arbib said Treasury predicted 500 000 jobs would be created over the next two years and it was critical that Indigenous Australians had the support and training they needed to take up employment.

“Indigenous employment is not a short term issue. Over the next four years the Government has also committed almost $650 million to the Indigenous Employment Program,” Senator Arbib said.

“This is part of the Gillard Government’s target to create more than 100 000 jobs for Indigenous Australians by 2018.”