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Newcastle youth connect to their future

A program to help local young people who have dropped out of school get back on track was launched today by the Federal Minister for Youth, Kate Ellis and the Member for Newcastle, Sharon Grierson.

Ms Ellis said theConnections program aimed to reach the young people of Newcastle who, for whatever reason, did not reach their educational potential.

"The Rudd Government believes every young person deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential," Ms Ellis said.

"Connectionsprovides hope to young people who think they have missed their opportunity.

"Newcastle’s youth will now have the opportunity to expand their skills base and improve their career options through further education, training and employment."

The local Hunter region provider, D.A.L.E, will partner with other organisations to effectively deliver individually targeted services in education.

Ms Grierson saidConnections would build on the D.A.L.E School’s long tradition of delivering innovative and much-needed second chance programs for young people in our community.

D.A.L.E. providesConnectionsparticipants with the opportunity to gain a Year 10 School Certificate, working towards their Preliminary and Higher School Certificate through accredited courses across several disciplines.

Over $34 million has been allocated forConnectionsfor the four-year period to June 2010, enabling around 3000 young people to receive support each year through 60 services across Australia.

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