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New system delivers one million jobs for Australia’s unemployed


The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Minister for Child Care
Minister for Employment Participation

The Australian Government’s national employment services system Jobs Service Australia, which was established in July 2009, has just recorded its one millionth job placement. 

Craig Armstead, a young man living in Melbourne, who has been unemployed for more than two years, has secured a new job with Calvary Silver Circle, a not for profit aged care service.

Minister for Employment Participation Kate Ellis this week visited Mr Armstead at his new workplace to congratulate him on finding work and announce that his was the millionth job placement made under the Job Services Australia system.

Ms Ellis said that Craig’s inspiring story of overcoming significant personal challenges to find work, showed the transformative impact that having a job can have on a person’s life.

"A job means so much more than collecting a fortnightly pay cheque. A job gives people dignity, a sense of self, a sense of pride and indeed a sense of social connectedness - as well as providing opportunity to contribute to Australia's economy,” Ms Ellis said.

"These potential benefits are even more acute when we are talking about helping the most disadvantaged job seekers, like those who suffer from mental illness, are living with disability or are homeless, into work.”

Thanks to the Australian Government’s employment services funding, Mr Armstead was able to work closely with Mission Australia staff at Maroondah, who helped him develop a tailored Employment Pathway Plan.

Mission Australia was able to identify that Craig had an interest in financial management and he agreed to complete a Certificate 3 in Financial Services.

Mr Armstead was also assisted to access counselling services to help overcome depression. He is now working in a job that he loves and is giving back to the local community.

Ms Ellis said that Job Services Australia had already proven to be an extremely successful program, with over one-quarter of the most disadvantaged job seekers now being employed following assistance.

"We recognise that different people face more significant barriers to finding work than others and may need more support. That is why our Government made clear when setting up JSA that we would make that support available,” Ms Ellis said.

"Job seekers who are identified as the most disadvantaged or vulnerable or who have been out of work for more than two years are now achieving double the education and training outcomes than they did under the previous Government's arrangements.

"Importantly there has been an almost 70 per cent improvement in these job seekers actually finding a work when compared with the previous system.

The Australian Government will invest around $5.5 billion in Jobs Services Australia over the next four years.

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