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National Media and Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image

Kate Ellis, the Minister for Sport and Youth today announced $125,000 to develop aVoluntary National Media and Industry Code of Conduct on body image.

The Government is committed to tackling the issue of body image, especially for young Australians.

The new code will be developed in partnership with the media, health sector, fashionand beauty industries and young people.

Young people are telling us loud and clear that they are concerned about the issue ofbody image and the impact that it’s having on them, their friends and the community.

The Government will appoint a National Advisory Group consisting of key industry,media, health and sector members in the new year.

The Government has allocated $125,000 to establish the code and will consider, among other components, the inclusion of the following:

  • Notification of Digital Alterations (in case of physical manipulation)
  • 16 year old age limit for adult fashion shows, magazine shoots and TV programs
  • Commitment to diversification of body shape and size
  • Glamorisation of severely underweight models or celebrities.

As we know, the problem of body image is not limited by State borders - we needNational leadership on the issue and we will be working with states and territories onthis important matter.

The issue of body image affects the lives of real people in very powerful ways and theGovernment is taking key steps to tackle this challenge.