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Federal Government continues to support job seekers keep a roof over their head


The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Minister for Early Childhood, Childcare and Youth
Minister for Employment Participation

Minister for Employment Participation, Kate Ellis MP today announced that the Federal Government was extending a trial that allowed Job Services Australia providers to spend their funding on helping jobseekers avoid homelessness by paying rent or through funding crisis accommodation if normal housing services were not available.

The trial which commenced in August last year, allows Job Services Australia providers to tap into the $345 million per year employment pathway fund to provide these services.

Ms Ellis said this would mean Australians looking for jobs wouldn’t be left out in the cold.

“This means that all job seekers will receive more help to keep a roof over their heads and have the best chance at getting and keeping a job," Ms Ellis said.

“This will be available to all job seekers whose main barrier to employment is homelessness or risk of homelessness.”

So far, over 5,000 job seekers have benefited from assistance with getting and keeping suitable accommodation, and evidence from providers is that this can make a big difference in helping job seekers finding work and get back on their feet.

Since its establishment in 2009, Job Services Australia has placed more than 186,000 job seekers that face homelessness into work and helped them build a brighter future.

“Homelessness is a major barrier to people finding work and our system includes a Housing Instability Indicator assessment which identifies those people most at risk, so that we ensure they get accesses to the resources and services they need to get back into the workforce,” Ms Ellis said.

“The Federal Government has invested $45 million in Innovation Trials and Demonstration Pilots to develop new and more effective ways to assist disadvantaged jobseekers – this includes two current projects in Bayside Vic and Central West Sydney – delivering new specialist homelessness services.”