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Child care sector growing in South Australia


The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Minister for Employment Participation
Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care

A media report today about a peak body predicting child care centre closures is nearly identical to reported scare campaigns mounted and reported on in the past but which never eventuated.

Early Childhood and Child Care Minister Kate Ellis said some had been predicting doom and gloom for the child care sector for years.

The facts simply don’t support their claims.

“There’s now a record number of families using a record number of child care centres and the number of children receiving approved child care services at any one time in Australia has just hit one million,” Ms Ellis said.

“We’ve seen very strong growth in the child care sector across Australia with an additional 960 centres opening since Labor came to government.

“There are also more child care centres in South Australia since Labor came to government.

“Hardly an armageddon situation, we’re seeing these reforms raise the quality of child care in Australia and the statistics would suggest it’s actually promoting growth, not inhibiting growth.”

Ms Ellis said today’s article also reported two child care centres north of Adelaide facing closure.

“The Government works closely with struggling providers across the country to ensure their local communities have an ongoing, stable child care service.

“Sustainability Assistance is a funding program available as an ongoing payment for child care services in regional, remote and disadvantaged locations across Australia, particularly in communities where a child care service is the sole provider of Long Day Care.

“One of the two centres was already receiving this assistance and last week the Government was able to determine that the other centre reported in the media can also receive this funding.

“It is designed to assist centres with their ongoing operating costs.

“The Government recognises that many centres face a number of different challenges specific to their local communities such as geographic location, population pressures, changing demographics and keeping costs down.

“We are proud that the sector is strong and growing.”

The Australian Government’s investment in early childhood and child care will top a record $25 billion over the next four years.