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Child Care Rebate under threat from Abbott


The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Minister for Employment Participation
Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care

Tony Abbott today revealed plans to review child care funding, throwing working parents into deep uncertainty about what the Coalition plans to do with their child care assistance if elected.

Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care Kate Ellis slammed Tony Abbott for leaving families in the dark about the child care assistance they rely on.

“Tony Abbott today confirmed he wants to review the amount of child care assistance funding but refused to say what parts he will cut,” Minister Ellis said.

“The reality is Abbott simply cannot fund his plan for nannies without scrapping the child care rebate - families know that you can’t do both.

“It’s deeply worrying for parents who rely on child care assistance in order to return to work.”

In a press conference today Tony Abbot said:

"We need to look at how child care is funded. We need to look at the quantum of child care funding.”
Doorstop, 22 January 2013

Tony Abbott has previously said about the Coalition’s child care plans:

"I stress it will be within the existing broad funding envelope...”
Doorstop, 19 November 2012

“It took a Labor Government to increase the Child Care Rebate from 30% where it sat under the Coalition to 50% and to a cap of $7,500 – Labor’s commitment to child care assistance funding is clear,” Minister Ellis said.

“We have invested more than triple that of the previous Coalition Government into child care assistance for families – the Coalition need to be clear with Australians about their plans for the Child Care Rebate.”