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Child care in New South Wales strengthens under Labor


The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Minister for Early Childhood, Childcare and Youth
Minister for Employment Participation

An additional 100,000 more New South Wales children are now in child care under Labor, a massive surge which has dwarfed the growth overseen by the previous Coalition Government.

Early Childhood and Child Care Minister Kate Ellis said the number of children in child care in New South Wales had grown 41 per cent to 332,150 between 2007 to 2012. It only grew by 12 per cent during the previous six years under the Liberals.

In addition:

  • There are now 5,180 child care services in NSW – a 46 per cent increase on 2007. Between 2001 and 2007, it grew by just 6 per cent.
  • There are now 240,960 families using child care services – a 35 per cent increase on 2007. Between 2001 and 2007, it grew by just 12 per cent.

“Child care has grown substantially in New South Wales during a period when Labor has boosted child care assistance and implemented major reforms,” Ms Ellis said.

“Labor funds an unlimited number of child care places and costs for those places are now lower as a proportion of disposable income than in 2004.

“That’s created a positive environment for families to seek out child care so both parents are in the workforce.

“There are now some 60,000 more New South Wales families using child care now than what there was in 2007.

“However, the surge has created record demand in Australia, which supply has struggled to meet, particularly in New South Wales. We know there remain major challenges in boosting availability and that this requires all levels of government to act.

“We are committed to taking real action to improve quality affordability and flexibility of our child care system unlike the opposition who after six years can't come up with a single policy except to do a review.”