Release type: Joint Media Release


Almost $200,000 to help disadvantaged job seekers in Ipswich


The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Minister for Child Care
Minister for Employment Participation

Minister for Employment Participation, Kate Ellis was joined by Member for Blair Shayne Neumann today to announce new funding for a high performing Ipswich employment services organisation to run an innovative new pilot program.

Around 100 disadvantaged Queensland jobseekers will be helped to find work through MAX Employment’s Ipswich Demonstration Pilot, which will receive almost $200 000 in new funding from the Australian Government.

“The Australian Government has committed new funding of $4.7 million to some of the best performing employment services across the country to run these pilot programs,” Ms Ellis said.

“By funding employment services that are already achieving strong results to trial new and innovative approaches to getting people into work – other services from around the country will be able to learn from their experience.”

MAX Employment will partner with the Salvation Army to involve job seekers in a 15-week program that takes a holistic approach to giving participants the skills they need to make significant lifestyle changes, in addition to training in community liaison and how to gain and sustain employment.

“Like MAX Employment Ipswich, the Australian Government knows that having a decent job is about so much more than collecting a weekly pay check,” Ms Ellis said.

“By connecting unemployed Australians with a support network of community and service providers we can ensure a sustainable relationship with the world of work rather than just a job that only lasts for the short term.”

Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann said that he was proud that an organisation in his local community had been recognised with this new funding.

“It is great to see MAX Employment and the Salvation Army bringing together their specific areas of expertise to provide a better service to people who are out of work in Ipswich,” Mr Neumann said.

“By working together and utilising their networks, MAX Employment and the Salvation Army have created a project that will help job seekers overcome personal barriers to unemployment and into work.”

“I am looking forward to working closely with MAX Employment into the future and taking what they learn during this pilot program to Canberra so that the whole country can benefit from their expertise and experience,” Mr Neumann said.

The Job Services Australia Pilot (JSA) program is designed to enhance employment service provision to job seekers with multiple disadvantages, including those with a lack of recent work experience, mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependency and homelessness.

A total of 20 pilots will be run by high performing JSA providers in identified areas of disadvantage across the country and will assist around 2000 disadvantaged jobseekers.

These pilots, in conjunction with a range of other measures in the Building Australia’s Future Workforce package, will strengthen employment services across Australia and maximise the employment outcomes for disadvantaged communities.

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