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Cutting edge technology to benefit teaching and learning research


The Hon Senator Scott Ryan
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training

A new classroom that allows researchers to closely examine interactions between students and teachers as a way of improving learning and teaching techniques was officially opened at The University of Melbourne today.

Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training, opened the new Science of Learning Research Classroom, which is part of the Australian Research Council Science of Learning Research Centre. 

Senator Ryan said the new Science of Learning Research Classroom would assist researchers to examine what happens in a classroom at a level of detail never before possible.

“The Science of Learning Research Classroom is specifically designed to closely monitor and study student interactions. It brings together researchers from the fields of neuroscience and education,” Senator Ryan said.

“This unique facility allows researchers to record and then analyse a wide range of student and teacher interactions that happen during a given lesson, without disrupting the learning process.

“Researchers will be able to test new learning techniques and technologies along with student responses.

“This classroom embodies the Government’s commitment to improving education outcomes for all school students,” Senator Ryan said.

The Science of Learning Research Centre is an ARC Special Research Initiative. The University of Queensland was awarded $16 million (over four years) for the centre in 2013. 

The centre brings together education professionals and researchers in areas ranging from neuroscience and cognitive development, through to pedagogy and educational technology. The research undertaken through the centre aims to identify new teaching practices that are based on solid scientific evidence.

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