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Port Macquarie Jobs Expo – Over 400 jobs created!


The Hon Jason Clare MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Employment

More than 400 previously unemployed people will have a job thanks to the Jobs Expo held in Port Macquarie yesterday. Parliamentary Secretary for Employment Jason Clare and Lyne MP Rob Oakeshott congratulated all the jobseekers who found employment at the Jobs Expo. “The action we have taken means more than 400 people who were out of work will start work over the next few weeks,” Mr Clare said. “That means that up to 5,300 jobs have been created from the 13 Jobs Expos we’ve held across the country so far. One of the lucky jobseekers who got a job was Sarah Bailey. “Sarah struggled to find work for more than 4 years. After coming to the Jobs Expo, she interviewed for a position at the Rivermark Cafe,” Mr Clare said. “She was offered a job on the spot and starts work today. “Sarah is just one of about 400 lucky job seekers who went home from the expo with a job. “The Jobs Expo was designed for people like Sarah. The idea is pretty simple, we put local employers with jobs and people looking for work in the same place – and it worked. “Unemployment on the Mid North Coast is 7.9 per cent, well above the national average of 5.3 per cent. That is why this Jobs Expo was so important. Mr Oakeshott congratulated local employers for getting behind the Expo and delivering local jobs for local people. “Over 70 businesses and organisations set up stalls on the day, with over 600 jobs on offer,” Mr Oakeshott said. “This is a great example of the efforts local organisations and businesses are putting in to help job seekers find employment. I will continue to work with the Mid North Coast Keep Australia Working committee to ensure we create further employment opportunities for those who are unemployed in our region.” Some of the businesses and organisations who filled positions as a result of the Jobs Expo are:

  • Airservices filling 30 positions,
  • Aboriginal Home Modification Service filling 5 positions,
  • Macquarie Business Centre filling 6 positions, and
  • Busways filling 6 bus driver positions.

The final figures for the Port Macquarie Jobs Expo of more than 400 successful job seekers was higher than initial estimates which suggested around 250 jobseekers were likely to find work from the Jobs Expo. Mr Clare said this was one of at least 20 Keep Australia Working Jobs Expos that would be held in regions hardest hit by the global recession.