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Penrith Jobs Expo - 800 jobs created


The Hon Jason Clare MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Employment

One of the most successful Keep Australia Working Jobs Expos was held in Penrith yesterday, when 9,500 jobseekers came through the door and 800 got a job.

Parliamentary Secretary for Employment Jason Clare and Lindsay MP David Bradbury congratulated all the jobseekers who found employment at the Expo.

“This is a terrific result. The action we have taken means around 800 people who were out of work will start work in the next few weeks,” Mr Clare said.

“That means that 8,100 jobs have been created from the 20 Jobs Expos we’ve held across the country so far.

“The idea is pretty simple, we put local employers with jobs and local people looking for work in the same place – and it worked.

“Unemployment in Penrith is 6.3 per cent, above the national average of 5.2 per cent. That is why this Jobs Expo was so important.”

Mr Bradbury congratulated local employers for getting behind the Expo and delivering local jobs for local people.

“Around 110 businesses and organisations set up stalls on the day, with more than 1400 jobs on offer,” Mr Bradbury said.

“It is great to see local business helping job seekers find work in Penrith.

“The Jobs Expo is part of the Rudd Government’s action plan to help people get a job and get back on their feet.”

Some of the businesses and organisations who filled positions as a result of the Jobs Expo are:

  • Australian Concert and Entertainment Security (ACES) filling 50 positions;
  • Manpower Services filing 6 positions;
  • Boystown filling 10 positions;
  • Electro Group filing 30 positions.