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Apprentice Kickstart - Teenagers starting an apprenticeship in Bundaberg up 50 per cent


The Hon Jason Clare MP
Parliamentary Secretary for Employment

Bundaberg businesses have hired 50 per cent more teenage apprentices this summer than last summer, Parliamentary Secretary for Employment Jason Clare announced in Bundaberg today.

“The latest figures are in – 54 young apprentices started an apprenticeship in Bundaberg between December and February,” Mr Clare said.

“This is 50 per cent more young apprentices than were recruited last summer.

“When I ran the Keep Australia Working forum here last October, employers told me they needed more help to put apprentices on,” Mr Clare said.

“That’s why we introduced Apprentice Kickstart, which more than tripled the first year bonus paid to employers who took on a traditional trade apprentice over the summer.

“It worked. The number of teenagers who started an apprenticeship this summer is now back to what is was for before the global recession. “Bundaberg needs more apprentices. Thanks to the Rudd Government and the efforts of local employers this program has given a lot of young people a chance.

“This is great news – not just for the apprentices who now have a job and a career path but for the whole Bundaberg community.”